Welcome to BaseballTicketMan.com

Thanks for stopping by my baseball ticket website. First, what this website is not -- this is not a website where you can purchase tickets for tonight's ball game (or tomorrow night's or the next night).

This is the website of someone who fell in love with baseball because of my Dad's love for the game.  And, somewhere along life's way, I also fell in love with collecting tickets for baseball games.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about baseball tickets from years gone by and to help baseball fans and ticket collectors who may not have seen the history of base all through the tickets of the game.

Watch my blog for information of baseball tickets of special interest.  Enjoy!

- Dan Busby 



Washington Senators iBook to be published soon



1901 Cincinnati Reds Season Pass. Issues to Mr. and Mrs. H. (Harry) N. Hempstead, signed by John T. Brush.




Coming book featuring the tickets (and other memorabilia) of the Brooklyn National League team).

This approximately 300 page coffee-table size book will chronicle Brooklyn tickets, and include Brooklyn photos, scorecards, baseball cards, and other memorabilia. The photo of Jackie Robinson (shown with Clem Labine) will be featured on the cover. This photo is special to ticket collectors because as he waxes eloquent to reports about how the Dodger just won Game 6 of the 1956 World Series, he holds in his left hand a full ticket to Game 7 of the Series. Little did he expect that Game 7 would be the last game of his illustrious career. After the World Series, he was traded to the hated New York Giants and he refused to play for the Giants, ending his baseball career.